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SFP-BA10XC-0000M MADI (AES10-2003 Compliant) SFP

New SFP-BA10XC-0000M MADI (AES10-2003 Compliant) SFP

Fiberplex - A Brand Of Patton Electronics

The Fiberplex SFP-BA10XC-0000-M is a medium reach electrical transceiver module designed to transmit and receive MADI signals up to 125 Mbps over 75Ω coaxial cables via HD-BNC™ connectors. The cable driver amplitude and edge rate are automatically configured in order to achieve compliance to AES10-2003.

These MADI modules are also available as dual transmit and dual receive modules for use in the Fiberplex FOI-6012. These dual units are non-MSA compliant and would not be compatible with the WDM16.

- Meets Electrical Specifications of AES10-2003

- Available as Tranciever, Dual RX or Dual TX

- HD-BNC™ connectors (75Ω)

- Integrated Equalizer: Typical length of Belden 1694A cable: 100m at 125Mb/s


- Integrated Cable Driver

- Control via serial interface including:

- Input signal detection

- Voltage & Temperature Monitoring

- Module Information

- Power Consumption - typical 615 mW Single Supply +3.3V

- 56.6mm x 13.4mm x 8.6mm SFP Package

- Extended Temperature Range -40˚C to 80°C

  • £299.85

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