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WGF-4 Waveguide Filter 4-Channel 18.5Ghz

New WGF-4 Waveguide Filter 4-Channel 18.5Ghz

Fiberplex - A Brand of Patton Electronics

Fiberplex WGF-4 Waveguide Filter 4-Channel 18.5 GHz Cutoff, .375 in diameter Bore

The Fiberplex WGF-4 accepts up to four pre-terminated fibre optic cables with either LC or ST connectors. It is designed to provide a means of bringing fibre optic cables into a shielded enclosure while maintaining the enclosure’s radio frequency isolation integrity.

-  Allows pass through of pre-terminated fibre cables (ST, LC)

17 GHz
15 GHz
10 GHz
4 GHz
70.33 dB
106.69 dB
155.63 dB
178.88 dB
Body Thread Size1-1/8”, 18 NEF
Clearance Hole Diameter1-5/32 in (29.5 mm)
MaterialSteel, Electroless Nickel Finish
Effective Length2.25 in (57 mm)
Overall Length2.25 in (57 mm)
Waveguide Bore Diameter0.375 in (9.5 mm)
Cut-Off Frequency18.5 GHz
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